Themis figurine, an ancient symbol of justice

Statuetka TEMIDA

Solidly made Temida figurine is brass statuette, set on rectangular pedestal. This product was made in a Polish manufacture specializing in the creation of original busts and national symbols.

Modern Temida figurine is a statuette made of brass. This product represents the goddess of justice. It is a figurine mounted on a simple, rectangular pedestal in the shape of a gold bar. The original Temida figurine can be an element in the offices of legal services. The Temida figurine recommended by us was made with great care. This product is fully covered with a durable varnish, resistant to mechanical damage or UV radiation.

Temida figurine – a unique brass statuette

 TEMIDA statuette on a rectangular plinth Brass
TEMIDA statue on a rectangular plinth Brass

High-quality Temida figurine can be used in law firms, offices and judicial institutions. The product has been protected against corrosion as well as tarnish caused by moisture. The Temida figurine recommended by us has a stable base that protects the product against tipping over due to a hook or a violent gust of wind. This product can also be an idea for a birthday or name day gift for a judge, prosecutor’s office, legal advisor or attorney.

An impressive Temida figurine is a cast made of carefully selected material, which is brass. This product is easy to keep clean and also retains its aesthetic appearance for a very long time.

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